GIBBS Amphitrucks Inc. was established to develop an entirely new category of work, utility and recreational amphibians incorporating GIBBS Amphibians' proprietary High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technological advances, in suspension, jet systems and aero-hydrodynamic hull design.

The Humdinga and Phibian are the largest Amphitrucks developed to date. Made possible by the continuous evolution of GIBBS Amphibians' HSA research and development, both are capable of highway speeds on land and speeds in excess of 30mph on water, transitioning between land and water in seconds.

The Humdinga, at 21.9ft long, is available in 3 seater and 6 seater configurations making it ideal for personal or commercial use and effective in first responder situations where seconds lost can cost lives.

The Phibian, at 30.0ft long, is the largest GIBBS Amphitruck developed to date and is able to carry 1500kg of cargo, the equivalent of 15 persons.

Both Amphitrucks have robust on water and off road capabilities that allows their task, be it recreational, utility, rescue or otherwise, to be completed rapidly and efficiently.