Gibbs Amphitrucks 

About Us

Gibbs Amphitrucks is a division of Gibbs Technologies (Gibbs), which is a private company based in the UK that has been developing High Speed Amphibian technology and products for almost 20 years. This has produced 11 platforms, which are protected by over 300 patents worldwide. Gibbs specializes in vehicles that exceed 30 mph on water and have a land speed comparable to other similar land vehicles.

Gibbs is currently working with licensees and potential licensees to manufacture and produce these vehicles in a global program. Currently focusing on the Amphitruck products.



1. A vehicle, capable of transporting over 600kg of payload, at speeds over 30mph on water and highway speeds on land.

Amphitrucks are large amphibian vehicles, expressly engineered and refined to deliver a next generation transport platform. Using Gibbs HSA technology, Amphitrucks excel in delivering a single transport solution to anywhere, on rough terrain or rough water.


"It [Phibian] can carry 15 people off-road, onto the highway and into the sea without missing a beat." --, USA, 15-Feb-2012

"The Humdinga... is capable of reaching the most challenging and remote terrain in the world" --, USA, 12-Feb-2014